The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) is an independent association representing medicinal chemistry societies in Europe. Its objective is to advance the science of medicinal chemistry by promoting cooperation and networking, by providing training and mentoring, by rewarding scientific excellence, and by facilitating communication and influencing stakeholders.

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EFMC Grants

EFMC is funding grants for EFMC organised events with the aim to support the participation of young academic scientists. Upon application, up to 50% of the registration fee for EFMC-ISMC, EFMC-ASMC, Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, EFMC-YMCS, EFMC Short Courses or the EFMC Accredited School (Urbino) will be covered by EFMC. To apply for an EFMC grant, please fill in the application form before the deadline and upload your CV, publication list, abstract, motivation letter and support letter from the supervisor.

  • Deadline 10th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry "Small-Molecule Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs)" (April 12-15): February 2, 2015 
  • Deadline 11th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry "Engineering of Biopharmaceuticals" (Fall 2015): July 15, 2015 
  • Deadline combined grant Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry (September 14-16, 2015) and EFMC-YMCS (September 17): July 15, 2015
    It is not possible to apply for a grant for EFMC-YMCS only. Applicants who receive the combined grant should register for both Frontiers and EFMC-YMCS.
  • Deadline EFMC-ASMC Symposium (November 15-18, 2015): September 1, 2015

EFMC Roche Studentships

One of the goals of the EFMC is to enhance interactions at the industry/academia interface and to promote improved cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and academia. EFMC therefore proposed an opportunity to broaden the awareness to European University based chemistry students of the EFMC activities by rewarding excellence accomplished during a medicinal chemistry internship in industry.

The first EFMC-Roche studentships have been announced at the EFMC ISMC Symposium held in Berlin on September 2012 by Ulrich Stilz (EFMC President) and Torsten Hoffmann (Roche). The recipients were Nicole Trainor (Imperial College, UK) and Claudio Grünenfelder (ETH Zürich, Switzerland). 

The second EFMC-Roche studentships were conferred in Lisbon on occassion of the EFMC-ISMC Symposium, held on September 7-11, 2014. Corentine Laurin (University of Glasgow, UK) and Johannes Lehmann (TU München, Germany) were the recipients.

EFMC hopes that other companies supporting medicinal chemistry internship students can recognise excellence in this way. If you are interested in more information please contact



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