The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) is an independent association representing medicinal chemistry societies in Europe. Its objective is to advance the science of medicinal chemistry by promoting cooperation and networking, by providing training and mentoring, by rewarding scientific excellence, and by facilitating communication and influencing stakeholders.

Meetings  April 2018 Next
  • V National Pharmaceutical Chemistry Meeting

    to be confirmed

    Contact person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oya Unsal Tan
    Tel: + 90 312 305 18 72
    Fax: + 90 312 305 18 72

  • KeMoMo – QSAR and Modelling Symposium

    May, 2018   Szeged, Hungary

    Contact person: Antal Lopata
    Tel: +36-1-4110492

  • 55th Meeting of the Serbian Chemical Society

    May 2018

    Contact person: Prof. Dr Vesna Miškovi-Stankovi
    Tel: 00381 11 3370 467

  • 43th General Meeting of the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society

    May 10-12, 2018   Portorož, Slovenia

    Contact person: Jelka Dolinar
    Tel: +386 1 569 26 01
    Fax: +386 1 569 26 02

  • MedChem INterACTION

    May 24-25, 2018   Berlin, Germany

    Contact person: Franz von Nussbaum
    Tel: +33 472 852 259

  • 2018 GABAB Receptor Conference

    May 24-25, 2018   Cagliari, Italy

    The 2018 GABAB Receptor Conference will be held in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, on May 24 and 25, 2018. It will be an international meeting aimed at gathering the most influential scientists involved in the GABAB receptor field. The Conference program will integrate basic and clinical research, with specific focus on the most recent and relevant discoveries on chemistry, biology, and pharmacology of the GABAB receptor.

    Attendance will be limited to 100 participants, with the intent of creating a friendly and informal community favoring discussions, interactions, and networks.

    The Conference program will include one plenary lecture, four symposia (with invited speakers), one roundtable, and one session for free communications:

    Advances on the Molecular Mechanisms of GABAB Receptor Neurotransmission
    Organizer: Dietmar Benke (Zurich, Switzerland)

    GABAB Receptor and Addiction: Advances on Neural Bases and Pharmacology
    Organizer: MaBgorzata Filip (Krakow, Poland)

    GABAB Receptor Agonists and Antagonists: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and New Therapeutic Potential
    Organizer: Robert C. Alexander (Cambridge, MA, USA)

    Allosteric Modulators of the GABAB Receptor: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Therapeutic Potential
    Organizer: Giancarlo Colombo (Cagliari, Italy)

    Baclofen as a Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder: Pros and Cons
    Organizer: Roberta Agabio (Cagliari, Italy), Giovanni Addolorato (Rome, Italy)

    Putting GABAB receptors into context
    Speaker: Bernhard Bettler (Basel, Switzerland)

    A more detailed program will be soon available on the conference website:

    Contact person: Federico Corelli (contact for DCF-SCI)
    Tel: +39 0577 234308

  • 15th annual meeting of the Medical Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society

    June 6, 2018   Rehovot, Israel

    Contact person: Dr Haim Barr



  • 5th NovAliX Conference - Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2018

    June 13-15, 2018   Boston, United States


    Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs

    For its fifth edition, the NovAliX Conference "Biophysics in Drug Discovery" will be held for the first time in the US and will take place at the Hilton Back Bay in Boston, MA.

    The use of biophysical methods has become pervasive in the drug discovery process, allowing not only to identify low-affinity hits at the screening stage but also to obtain detailed information on target / ligand interactions at more advanced stages (see the review Renaud et al. 2016 Nat. Rev. Drug Discov. 15: 679-698). This is perfectly illustrated by the success of FBDD (fragment-based drug design), where the progress of biophysical techniques in terms of sensitivity, speed, and automation has been instrumental (see the review Erlanson et al. 2016 Nat. Rev. Drug Discov. 15: 605-619). Indeed FBDD is now widely adopted in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry and has lead to 2 approved drugs and more than 30 compounds being evaluated in clinical trials.

    The fifth edition of the conference intends again to bring together biophysicists and medicinal chemists to improve the synergy between their disciplines in order to deliver better drugs on a shorter timeline.

    This year, the Scientific Programme will include the following sessions :

    • Membrane Proteins
    • Protein-Protein Interactions
    • Cryo-EM (Special Feature of the Conference)
    • Biotherapeutics
    • Target Engagement
    • Hot Topics

    Professor Martin Karplus (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013) has agreed to give the Keynote Lecture.

    Deadline for abstract submission for Oral Communication selection, free abstract submission for Poster presentation and Early Bird fees is April 6, 2018. Abstracts for Poster presentations can still be submitted until May 10, 2018, but are subject to the prior payment of 50 USD handling fees.

    For more information please contact:

  • 19th Tetrahedron Symposium

    26-29 June, 2018    Riva del Garda, Lake Garda, Italy

    Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, the 2018 Tetrahedron Symposium will bring together expert scientific leaders in the field of bioorganic and medicinal chemistry supplemented by short contributed talks and a large poster session for which abstracts are invited by 3 April 2018.

    Confirmed Speakers:

    • Shankar Balasubramanian, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
    • Ashraf Brik, Technion Haifa, Israel
    • Benjamin F. Cravatt, The Scripps Research Institute, United States
    • Ben Davis, Oxford University, United Kingdom
    • Peter B. Dervan, Caltech, United States
    • Matthew David Disney, The Scripps Research Institute, United States
    • Jonathan Ellman, Yale University, United States
    • Rudi Fasan, University of Rochester, United States
    • Matthew Fuchter, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
    • Seth Herzon, Yale University, United States
    • William L. Jorgensen, Yale University, United States
    • Laura L Kiessling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
    • Maja Kohn, Freiburg University, Germany
    • Xiaoguang Lei, Peking University, China
    • Peter Seeberger, Max-Planck-Institute Golm, Germany
    • Paul A. Wender, Stanford University, United States

    Further information is available on at:

  • 256th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 19-23, 2018   Boston, Massachusetts

  • 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress: Molecular Frontiers & Global Challenges

    26–30 August, 2018   ACC LIVERPOOL, UK

    With a theme of ‘Molecular frontiers and global challenges’, the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress features five days of scientific and technical sessions, plenary lectures, oral and poster communications, keynote speakers and roundtable discussions, as well as exceptional networking opportunities, an exhibition and a unique social programme.

    The EuCheMS Chemistry Congresses reflect the outstanding research being done in Europe and around the world by bringing together chemists from different countries and professional backgrounds to exchange ideas, advance knowledge and discuss key issues for chemistry and society. As such, the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress offers you exceptional opportunities to network with chemists from across Europe and beyond.

    Organised by the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

  • Chemical Biology 2018 - EMBO Workshop

    August 29 - September 1, 2018   EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

    This conference sets the stage for the dissemination and exchange of new developments in diverse, hot fields within Chemical Biology, being the platform for inspiration, collaboration and networking for researchers in academia and industry. Over 300 participants can meet the 22 speakers and other top researchers whilst at the same time discussing their own data in three large poster sessions. About 15 short talks and 30 flash talks will be selected from the participants. We aim to provide the possibility for every chemical biologist to meet and discuss with peers, from tool development to biological applications, from computational drug design to synthetic chemistry. Most importantly, participants come to see where the field stands in its full breadth. The past meetings were very successful in this respect, ensuring that the EMBO Conference on Chemical Biology remains the largest and broadest meeting in this field.


    • Drug and target discovery
    • Chemical biology of posttranslational modifications
    • Molecular optogenetics and synthetic biology
    • Nucleotide chemical biology
    • Peptide and protein modifications
    • Redox and metabolic enzyme chemical biology
    • Chemical biology of cellular reprogramming

    For more information please contact:

  • Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium

    September, 2018

    Contact person: István Greiner
    Tel: +36-1-4314102

  • Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting 2018

    September 7, 2018   Lausanne, Switzerland

    The Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting is the largest annual scientific event in Switzerland. It offers a unique opportunity for graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists of all levels, from both, academia and industry, to share the results of their research projects. It also stimulates the exchange of ideas between all generations of chemists, often creating the seeds for new projects and collaborations.

    The Scientific Program will offer invited and contributed lectures as well as poster presentations in the following fields:
    - Analytical Sciences
    - Catalysis Science & Engineering
    - Computational Chemistry
    - Inorganic & Coordination Chemistry
    - Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
    - Organic Chemistry
    - Physical Chemistry
    - Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
    - Chemical Education

    For more information please contact Prof. Sandrine Gerber at the address:

  • 9th Polish Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry

    September 13-15, 2018   Lublin, Poland

    Contact person: Prof. Dariusz Matosiuk
    Tel: 0048 81 535 73 55
    Fax: 0048 81 535 73 55
    Email: or

    Organised by : Polish Society of Medicinal Chemistry (Poland)

  • 4th Meeting of Slovenian Medicinal Chemists

    September 20, 2018   Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Contact person: Marko ANDERLUH

  • The 7th Official Conference of the International Chemical Society

    24-27 September, 2018   Vancouver, Canada

    More information will be provided soon!

  • Chemistry Toward Biology: Biomolecules as Potential Drugs in Focus

    September 25-27, 2018   Budapest, Hungary

    Contact person: András Perczel
    Tel: +36-1-372-2500 / 1653 ext.
    Fax: +36-1-372-2620

  • Structural Biology Approaches for Drug Development

    September 27-29, 2018   Budapest, Hungary

    Contact person: András Perczel
    Tel: +36-1-372-2500 / 1653 ext.
    Fax: +36-1-372-2620

  • FIGON Dutch Medicines Days 2018 – Session Medicinal Chemistry

    October 1-2, 2018 (date to be confirmed)   Ede, The Netherlands (location to be confirmed)

    Contact person: Dr. Ingrid Dijkgraaf
    Tel: +31 43 3881681
    Fax: +31 43 3884159

  • 13. Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry, SCMC'18

    October 7-12, 2018   Leysin, Switzerland

    This five-day Medicinal Chemistry School that is organized by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology of the Swiss Chemical Society will focus on most modern aspects associated with small molecule drug discovery, highlighting the methodologies and technologies supporting hit generation, lead finding and lead optimization campaigns.

    For more information please contact Dr. Katarzyna Borsuk at the address

  • Medchem 2018: Annual Joint SRC/KVCV One-Day Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

    November 2018

    Contact person: Laurent Provins

  • Next Generation Integrin Inhibitors

    November 8, 2018   Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Contact person: Mrs Maggi Churchouse
    Tel: +44 (0)1359 221004

  • CHAINS 2018: The Dutch Chemistry Conference

    December 2018   Veldhoven, The Netherlands (to be confirmed)

    Contact person: Dr. Ingrid Dijkgraaf
    Tel: +31 43 3881681
    Fax: +31 43 3884159

  • 257th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 31-April 4, 2019   Orlando, Florida

  • ECBS-EucheMS Meeting

    April 3-5, 2019   Madrid, Spain

    For more information please contact

  • 258th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 25-29, 2019   San Diego, California

  • 259th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 22-26, 2020   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • 260th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 23 - 27, 2020   San Francisco. California

  • 261st ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 21 - 25, 2021   San Antonio, Texas

  • 262nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 22-26, 2021   Atlanta, Georgia

  • 263rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 20-24, 2022   San Diego, California

  • 264th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 21-25, 2022   Chicago, Illinois

  • 265th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 26-30, 2023   Indianapolis, Indiana

  • 266th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 13-17, 2023   San Francisco, California

  • 267th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 17-21, 2024   New Orleans, Louisianna

  • 269th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    March 23-27, 2025   San Diego, California

  • 270th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    August 17-21, 2025   Washington, District of Columbia

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