Monthly Newsletter December 2016

The EFMC wishes you a successful New Year!

2017 will be a busy and exciting year for the EFMC...

Our main events for 2017 will be

The EFMC will also continue the tradition of the Short Courses in 2017 and is pleased to announce the following course: 13th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry - A Matter of Time; A Kinetic Perspective on Drug-Target Interactions, which will take place in Oegstgeest (near Leiden), The Netherlands on April 23-26, 2017.

The composition of the Executive Committee of the EFMC is also changing:

  • Yves Auberson (Novartis, Switzerland) has been elected as future President of the EFMC and will start his term on January 2018.
  • Anders Karlén (Uppsala University, Sweden) has been elected as new EFMC Secretary
  • Matt Tozer (Consultant and CSO AlgaeCytes, United Kingdom) and Antoni Torrens (Esteve, Spain) joined as Member.
  • Uli Stilz and Jordi Gracia ended their terms of Past President and Secretary. The EFMC is thankful for their engagement and support over the last years.

EFMC PRIZES 2017 – Call for Nominations

To acknowledge and recognise an outstanding young medicinal chemist (≤ 12 years after PhD) working in industry or in academia within Europe, EFMC established the EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry and the EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia.

The Prizes consists of a diploma, € 1.000 and an invitation for a short presentation at the VII EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ASMC’17), August 27-31, 2017, Vienna (Austria).

Deadline for Nominations/Applications: January 31, 2017

Find out more on

EFMC GRANTS 2017 – Applications are now open

EFMC is funding grants for EFMC organised events with the aim to support the participation of young academic scientists.

Upon application, a limited number of full registration fees for EFMC-ISMC, EFMC-ASMC, ACSMEDI-EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers and up to 50% of the registration fee for the EFMC Short Courses or the EFMC Accredited School will be covered by EFMC.

To apply for an EFMC grant, please fill in the application form before the deadline and upload your CV, publication list, abstract, motivation letter and support letter from the supervisor.

Grant applications for the following events are open:

  • 13th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry - A Matter of Time; A Kinetic Perspective on Drug-Target Interactions
    (deadline for application is March 1, 2017) - Link to the Event
  • ACSMEDI-EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers 2017 Symposium
    (deadline for application is March 20, 2017) - Link to the Event
  • EFMC-ASMC'17 - International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry
    (deadline for application is April 10, 2017) - Link to the Event
  • 4th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium
    (in combination with the EFMC-ASMC'17)
    - Link to the Event

Please be informed that following new EFMC regulations, only the members of an EFMC National Adhering Organisation will be allowed to apply for the EFMC grants.


  • The prize for the best oral presentation has been announced at the 10th Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium!
  • Learn about the exciting Symposia 2017!


The prize for the best oral presentation at the 10th Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium, which was held in Cambridge on 16th December, was awarded to Andrew Fraser from the University of St Andrews. In addition to a cash prize of £300 Andrew has been awarded a bursary to present his research at the 4th Young Medicinal Chemists Symposium in Vienna on 31st August and 1st September 2017. For full details on all the winners and a summary of the symposium, please go to


  • Fragments 2017 - 6th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting, Sunday to Tuesday, 5th to 7th March 2017 at the Parkhotel Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

    The aim of this meeting will be to continue the focus on case studies in Fragment-based Drug Discovery that have delivered compounds to late stage medicinal chemistry, preclinical or clinical programmes. The conference will include successful examples from all types of fragment-based approaches, including high concentration, NMR, SPR and X-ray screening.

    The call for posters has been extended, and the closing date is now 20th January
  • 3rd Agriscience Chemical Biology Postgraduate Symposium,Friday 31st March 2017 at Imperial College, London

    The Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) of the RSC and the AGRI-net network are hosting a postgraduate symposium for PhD and postdoctoral students undertaking chemical biology research in areas related to agriculture and the agrisciences. All students and researchers utilizing a combination of chemistry and fungal, insect or plant biology or biochemistry in there research projects, from any UK or European University, are invited to attend. Registration is free for all academic attendees, but places are limited so please register as soon as possible.

    Call for oral abstracts closes 31st January 2017


  • The 2nd Symposium on Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development, Monday-Tuesday, 15th - 16th May 2017 at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

    Cell surface transporters play a key role in human health and disease, both through their impact on drug disposition and as therapeutic targets in their own right.   This meeting continues on from the first, successfully held in 2014, and is anticipated to become part of a regular series. It should be of interest to medicinal chemists, DMPK scientists and other workers with interests on the impact of transporters on human health

    Call for poster abstracts closes 31st March 2017




September 6-7, 2018
Ljubljana, Slovenia
5th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium (EFMC-YMCS 2018)


March 5-7, 2018
Orléans, France
25th Young Research Fellows Meeting

March 23, 2018
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Medicinal Chemistry of Antimicrobials to Antiparasitics

April 26, 2018
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
29th symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Eastern England

May 21-22, 2018
London, United Kingdom
4th RSC / DMDG / DMG New Perspectives in DMPK



Medicinal / Synthetic Organic Chemists, Concept Life Sciences: Drug Discovery, Sandwich, Kent, United Kingdom

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Project in Dry Eye Disease Drug Development (IT-DED3) is seeking candidates for 12 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions across Europe, IT-DED3 Project, University of Antwerp: Medicinal Chemistry, Antwerp, Belgium

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