Andreas Koeberle, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany

Today, our #Iamamedicinalchemist is the winner of the 2019 EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia.

How did you get interested in Medicinal Chemistry?

After studying biochemistry, it was actually our current DPhG president, Prof. Dr. Laufer, and my later supervisor, Prof. Dr. Werz, who rose my interest in this fascinating field.

Where and when did you obtain your PhD diploma?

2009 in Tübingen under supervision of Prof. Dr. Oliver Werz

Where did you have your postdoc position?

In the lab of Takao Shimizu at the University of Tokyo.

Where do you work at the moment and what is your current position?

I am currently group leader and head of the lipidomics facility at the Chair of Pharm./Med. Chemistry in Jena but I will move on October to the Michael Popp Research Institute at the University of Innsbruck, where I was offered a position as professor.

What are your current research interests?

By studying lipid signaling pathways using chemical probes, we aim to identify new drug targets, phytopharmaceuticals and bioinspired lead structures at the interface of cancer, inflammation and homeostasis.

What do you like most in your job?

To confirm revolutionizing hypotheses in collaborative efforts.

What kind of skills your job requires?

First of all, enthusiasm combined with patience and endurance.

How many PhD and postdoc students do you have at the moment?

Are you currently looking for a new PhD and postdoc students?

My team of four PhD students will expand in the near future, and we are currently looking for highly motivated PhD and postdoctoral students.

Which field of medicinal chemistry do you consider the most promising in the future?

I do not think that a single field will stand out but believe that interdisciplinary interactions within medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and beyond will be the key.

What would you guess to be the next major breakthrough in medicinal chemistry?

The dawn of OMICS screening platforms.

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