EFMC Awards 2020 - Call for Nominations

To acknowledge outstanding achievements in the field of Medicinal Chemistry, EFMC confers every two years three Awards. The 2020 Awards will be presented at the XXVI EFMC "International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry" (EFMC-ISMC 2020) to be held in Basel, Switzerland on September 6-10, 2020.

All 3 awards consist of a diploma, € 7.500 and an invitation to give a headline presentation at EFMC-ISMC 2020.

Nominations for these Awards consist of a nomination letter, a brief CV including a list of selected publications and two supporting letters. Self-nominations are also accepted. The nominations should be submitted to Dr Yves Auberson, President of the EFMC, via the following link:

Deadline for submission: January 31, 2020

The Award will be given for outstanding achievements in scientific research, together with a contribution to the development of international organisational structures in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

To acknowledge and recognise outstanding research in the field of Medicinal Chemistry in its broadest sense by a young scientist. This Award has been established with the support of UCB Pharma.

To encourage innovation and investigation in technological development related to drug discovery, this Award established with the support of Prous Institute will be given for the discovery, evaluation or use of new technologies.

EFMC Awards 2018 - Laureates

The 2018 Award Ceremony took place during the XXV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC 2018), held on September 2-6, 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Nauta Pharmacochemistry Award for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Prof. Christa Müller – University of Bonn, Germany

For her extensive contribution to the field of adenosine and purinergic receptors, from the design of novel ligands to the study of their therapeutic potential, and for her support of the European Medicinal Chemistry community. Dr. Müller is a highly cited scientist who has developed a number of tool compounds now used by many labs around the world. She has set up numerous international collaborations, and is a co-founder of the Pharmacenter in Bonn. Her noted contributions to the Medicinal Chemistry community include continued editorial and advisory duties, educational initiatives, and the organization of international conferences.

After the ceremony on Sunday September 2, Prof. Christa Müller gave a lecture on: Tools and Drugs for Purine Targets - Important Players in Inflammation and Cancer

UCB-Ehrlich Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry

Prof. Adam Nelson – University of Leeds, United Kingdom

For his ground breaking work to explore novel chemical space, especially natural product-like, diversity-oriented and activity-directed synthesis.  Prof. Nelson implemented his vision that chemical synthesis should align with drug discovery needs, and introduced methods that have been taken up by the medicinal chemistry community to profile synthetic targets for lead-likeness and chemical novelty. He plays an important role in the European Lead Factory, chairing its Library Selection Committee, and leads the “Next Generation Chemistry for Medicine” theme at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, in the UK.

On Monday September 3, Prof. Adam Nelson gave a lecture on: How Best to Discover Bioactive Small Molecules?

Prous Institute-Overton and Meyer Award for New Technologies in Drug Discovery

Prof. Benjamin Cravatt – Scripps Research Institute, USA

For his major contribution to the development of chemical proteomics, and in particular the introduction and refinement of the activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) technology. This novel approach allows the study of enzyme function in complex systems: This, and the efforts of Prof. Cravatt to identify tools for chemical biology, led to the identification of novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of human diseases of the central nervous system.

On Tuesday September 4, Prof. Benjamin Cravatt gave a lecture on: Activity-Based Proteomics - Protein and Ligand Discovery on a Global Scale

Photographer - Fabien Venturi
Contact: venturifab@yahoo.fr

Previous Laureates

Nauta Pharmacochemistry Award for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • 2018: Prof. Christa Müller, University of Bonn, Germany
  • 2016: Prof. François Diederich, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • 2014: Dr Paul Leeson, GlaxoSmithKline, United Kingdom
  • 2012: Prof. Alexander Levitzki, THe Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2010: Prof. Camille George Wermuth, University Louis Pasteur Strasbourg and Prestwick Chemicals

UCB-Ehrlich Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry

  • 2018: Prof. Adam Nelson, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • 2016: Prof. Paul J. Hergenrother, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • 2014: Prof. Craig Crews, Yale University, Department of Chemistry, New Haven, USA
  • 2012: Dr Krzysztof Józwiak, Department of Chemistry, Medical University of Lublin, Poland
  • 2010: Dr Anthony Wood, Pfizer Global Research and Development, United Kingdom

Prous Institute-Overton and Meyer Award for New Technologies in Drug Discovery

  • 2018: Prof. Benjamin Cravatt – Scripps Research Institute, USA
  • 2016: Prof. Jan Steyaert, VIB & VU Brussels, Belgium
  • 2014: Prof. György Ferenczy and Prof. György Keseru, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2012: Dr Harren Jhoti, Astex Pharmaceuticals, UK
  • 2010: Prof. Klaus Müller, ETH Zürich, Switzerland