September 22-24, 2021Virtual Meeting

The Summer School on Pharmaceutical Analysis (SSPA) addresses the most advanced analytical methodologies involved in the development of new drugs and in drug manufacturing. The ultimate goal of a drug discovery program is to generate a candidate drug compound that, besides being active and selective in vitro on the isolated target, is safe and efficacious in humans. In order to develop such a compound, many criteria including affinity, activity, selectivity, physico-chemical properties, and pharmacokinetics must be optimized. The definition of these criteria involves the availability and knowledge of appropriate analytical methodologies.

SSPA2021 will focus on Analytical methods to achieve efficiency in the hit-to-lead process and will feature the following main sessions:

  • Quality assurance in the hit-to-lead process
  • Hit-to-lead: potency and selectivity
  • Pre-ADMET studies
  • Bioavailability and toxicology
  • Analytical aspects in preformulation
Lectures will be delivered by recognized experts from the academic and industrial sectors.
Early bird registration deadline: July 18, 2021

Deadline for abstracts submission: June 30, 2021

Contact: secretariat@sspaweb.com

Organised by:
  • Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (Divisione di Chimica Farmaceutica - Società Chimica Italiana, DCF-SCI) (Italy)