5th EFMC-YSN MedChemBioOnline announced!
November 24 (17:00 - 19:15 CET)

Interested to learn more about Artificial Intelligence applied to medicinal chemistry and chemical biology?

Be sure not to miss the 5th EFMC-YSN MedChemBioOnline webinar on November 24


  • 17:00 | Opening 
  • 17:05 | Integration of AI in Medicinal Chemistry: Practical Applications & Challenges
    Dr Christian Tyrchan (AstraZeneca, Sweden) 
  • 17:50 | Schrödinger's Computational Molecular Design Platform
    Dr Thomas Steinbrecher (Schrödinger, Germany)
  • 18:00 | What can Computational Modeling do for your Project
    Dr Jas Bhachoo (Schrödinger, Germany)
  • 18:45 | Round Table Discussion: "Artificial Intelligence in Medicinal Chemistry, what's next?" 
    Prof. Jürgen Bajorath (university of Bonn, Germany)
    Prof. Ana Newton (Yale University, United States)
    Dr Thomas Steinbrecher (Schrödinger, Germany)
    Dr Nikolaus Stiefl (Novartis, Switzerland)
    Dr Christian Tyrchan (AstraZeneca, Sweden)
  • 19:15 | End of the Meeting

The event is generously sponsored by Schrödinger.