A message from EFMC, to all Medicinal Chemists and Chemical Biologists

The current pandemic has repercussions through the entire world, and of course EFMC also endures its consequences. While postponing several events, we however kept in mind that challenges create opportunities, and we are now developing an online offer to keep our community dynamic and well-connected. You will find some initial information about the next steps in this newsletter. Stay tuned to EFMC over the next few months, and take advantage of our upcoming activities and virtual symposia.

We are not at the end of the pandemic, not yet, and we learned a few good lessons already. We learned that even though good hygiene can bend an epidemic effectively, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology will remain critical in discovering these badly needed drugs and vaccines. We saw that our community is flexible in difficult times, and that academia and pharmaceutical industries can come together to make science progress very fast. I hope we will remember that after the pandemic. Looking back at how fast our knowledge of the disease has progressed, it is worth ensuring that we collaborate better in the future. We have also learned new ways to work and interact while staying at home. Will it influence our travelling, work and consumption habits, and help reduce stress and environmental impact in the long term? It is up to us. I hope we will all take the opportunity of this experience to pause, think, and implement solutions for a better future. 

For now, please keep leading by example and actively spread science-based information about the pandemic. Our scientific community can contribute help and guidance through the first steps of de-confinement. It is important to show patience and do it right as we do not want to see a second wave of contamination. We also want to fight unnecessary fears, which in the long term would handicap our society. After these difficult months, let’s get ready to embrace a future that capitalizes on the new opportunities, and the best possible science. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon – maybe virtually?

Stay healthy and confident,