New EFMC Visual Identity

To launch 2021 under good auspices, the EFMC is happy to unveil its new logo and visual identity. After 50 years of existence, EFMC rejuvenates its image, as it takes a leap into the digital era and opens a new chapter of its history.

Those who know our Federation will still recognise themselves in this more dynamic and sleeker version of our beloved logo. The major change lays in the words:

European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology

EFMC strongly believes that both disciplines are part of a scientific continuum, ranging from the development of chemical tools to interrogate cellular biology, to the discovery of innovative drug candidates and clinical imaging agents. It is only natural that EFMC’s name acknowledges that it fully represents this extended community.

We invite you all to discover our new logo and to browse our website to explore our new visual identity, learn more about the Federation, its history and its core values.