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Dear Colleagues,

The year 2013 has opened, for EFMC, with a workshop organized in Frankfurt, finalized at reshaping the structure of the organization and of its committees with the aim of better serving the community, the member societies, and of increasing the visibility and the impact of medicinal chemistry in the general society. In this issue of MedChemWatch you will find an interview with the President of EFMC, Dr. Uli Stilz, who comments on the main purposes and results of the workshop.

Please remember that EFMC is present on social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, so make use of them you wish to comment or to suggest something! We will be more than pleased to host and to promote a further debate.

You will find, in this issue, another interesting article on the EU-Openscreen initiative. This is the first of a series of articles which we have just started publishing, aiming at introducing open innovation initiatives across Europe. Open innovation is emerging as a new and potentially successful model of drug discovery, and it is our intention to present and, again, to stimulate a debate on the established initiatives in Europe.

This issue of MedChemWatch also contains a SME presentation from SARomics Biostructures Lund (Sweden).

And finally, don’t forget the two main events of this year, the ASMC’13, which will be held in Moscow, May 5-8, and the ‘Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry’, the fourth in a series initiated in Siena (Italy) in 2007, which will be co-organized this year by EFMC and Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco, June 23-26.


Gabriele Costantino



Gabriele Costantino
Univ. of Parma, IT

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Erden Banoglu
Gazi Univ., TR

Lucija Peterlin Masic
Univ. of Ljubljana, SLO

Leonardo Scapozza
Univ. of Geneve, CH

Wolfgang Sippl
Univ. Halle-Wittenberg, DE

Sarah Skerratt
Pfizer, Sandwich, UK

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Gerhard F. Ecker Past Pres.
Koen Augustyns Secretary
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