MedChemComm - The EFMC journal

MedChemComm, the journal of EFMC published by RSC, is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal which publishes both highly-significant research in traditional areas of medicinal chemistry and cutting edge work in new or interdisciplinary areas. The journal's mission is to broaden the field of opportunity for medicinal chemists, bringing new thinking to the subject and challenging perceptions of what is possible in drug discovery. Research in other disciplines which has an impact or application in medicinal chemistry is particularly welcomed and encouraged

MedChemComm welcomes highly significant research and review articles in medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, pharmacology and pharmaceutical research, including research which interfaces with other areas of the chemical sciences, biology, materials science or physics.

“MedChemComm is fast becoming a valuable forum for academic and industrial scientists engaged in the application of chemistry to understand and solve problems in biology that have the potential to underpin the invention of new medicines”.

Dr Tony Wood, VP, Head of Worldwide Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer Global Research and Development

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