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Results of the Why Medicinal Chemistry Videoclip competition

The result of the voting is known and the WhyMedChem Team want to thanks all participants for their participation and all who voted for their support to the EFMC Why Medicinal Chemistry Videoclip Competition.

The winner and the 2 runner-ups have been officialy announced during the Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry Meeting (FMC 2015).


Mr Pedro Gonçalves & Mr Luis Carvalho - University of Lisbon

Link to the video

Runner-up (2nd place)

Dr. Christian Kuttruff - Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma

Link to the video

Runner-up (3rd place)

Mrs Charlotte Bouckaert - University of Namur

Link to the video


Why Medicinal Chemistry?

Explain why do we need Medicinal Chemistry... and win €500!

Closing date 30 June 2015.

Can you explain the importance of Medicinal Chemistry to the general public in just 1 minute? If you’re up to the challenge, you could win up to €500 in the EFMC’s Why Medicinal Chemistry video competition!

"Why Medicinal Chemistry" is a competition that invites medicinal chemists to make an original video highlighting what medicinal chemists do and why it is important. We want medicinal chemists from any level (eg. students to expert professionals) and affiliation (eg. academia and industry), as individuals or as groups of up to 4 medicinal chemists,  to produce an original 1 minute video demonstrating the importance of Medicinal Chemistry to society. The video should be targeted at a non-specialist audience, but otherwise can use any style you like and should be as imaginative as possible.

The winner will receive a cash prize of €500 and there are also prizes of €250 and €150 for the runners-up. Furthermore, both the winner and the runners-up will receive an EFMC grant (one grant per team), which means that 50% of the registration fee to the Frontiers Symposium will be reimbursed!

Medicinal chemists play a fundamental role in the discovery of novel drugs. By making a short video, you can highlight the importance of Medicinal Chemistry and contribute to increasing the awareness of the general public for our discipline.


  • Entry is open to both EFMC affiliated societies members and non-members
  • Medicinal Chemists from any level and affiliation
  • International entries are encouraged

Judging criteria
The video must be no more than sixty seconds and be in English. Non-native English speakers are invited to submit an additional video in their mother tongue to help local dissemination of the content. It will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Language: it should be appropriate for a non-specialist audience and the general public
  • Style: the video should be engaging, dynamic, and compelling, making the audience interested in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Creativity: the video should help the audience understand the importance of Medicinal Chemistry in an innovative way
  • Content: accurately demonstrates how Medicinal Chemistry is important for society’s health

How to submit your video

  • Create a free Youtube account and upload your one minute video
  • Register for the competition, by completing the submission form with your personal details
  • Submit the link to your youtube video via the submission form
  • The closing date for entries to be submitted is 30 June 2015

Our judging panel will shortlist five videos in July and the videos will then go live online for judging by EFMC members and the public in August and September.

The winner and runner-ups will be announced in September 2015 and invited to the Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2015 Symposium for the award ceremony.

Judging Panel Members
The EFMC Videoclip Competition is an initiative of the "Visibility and Recognition of Medicinal Chemistry" Working Group:

  • Fabrizio GIORDANETTO, Taros, Germany
  • Antonello MAI, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • Laure BOUCHEZ, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Bernd CLEMENT, Kiel University, Germany
  • Vesna GABELICA MARKOVIC, Galapagos, Croatia
  • David REES, Astex Pharmaceuticals, UK
  • Henk TIMMERMAN, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Anna TSANTILI, University of Athens, Greece
  • Andrew THOMAS, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland


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