MedChemCASES #11 - Special Event | November 18, 2021

The NextGenMedChem group of GDCh and the Young Scientists Network of the EFMC are happy to announce a special edition of the renowned #MedChemCASES online seminar, to be held on November 18 at 4.00pm (CET)

The webinar will follow its tradition of showcasing a medchem case study in the format of a 45' keynote lecture.

  • Discovery of potent SOS1 inhibitors and their pharmacological investigations to disrupt the RAS-SOS1 interaction
    Dr Keith Graham (Bayer, Germany) 

In addition, the event will host a 45' round table discussion on the topic “Life as a foreign scientist in Germany”, where panelists from various origins will tackle matters such as moving to, working, and living in Germany.


  • Dr Eleonora Diamanti (Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland, Germany)
  • Dr Louise Eagling (Nuvisan, Germany)
  • Dr Keith Graham (Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany) 
  • Dr Katarina Iric (DyNAbind, Germany)
  • Dr Andrea Unzue-Lopez (Merck, Germany)

Registration to the webinar is free and open to all