The 22nd edition of the EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC) is coming closer and more than 1200 participants already registered for the event, which will take place in Berlin, Germany on September 2-6, 2012! ISMC 2012 is jointly organised by the German Chemical Society (GDCh) Division of Medicinal Chemistry and the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG) Section of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, on behalf of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC).

Over 1.200 scientists coming from 59 nations will gather at the Estrel Convention Centre for this 5-day symposium. About 100 expert speakers and 500 poster presenters will lead you through the latest advances in drug discovery approaches to treat severe diseases in many different therapeutic areas such as inflammation, cancer, infections, diabetes or cardiovascular and CNS disorders. The scientific programme will also cover the most recent advances in lead identification and optimisation strategies, drug design and profiling approaches as well as metabolism and safety testing and prediction. It will highlight the impact of chemical biology at the interface between chemistry and biology, the need for treatments of neglected diseases, and the expansion of the medicinal chemistry tools from small molecules to antibody-drug conjugates. A particular emphasis will be put on first time disclosures. ISMC 2012 will also include lectures by the winners of the EFMC Awards and the IUPAC Prize.

Abstract submission is now closed, but it is still possible to register via the online registration tool on the website www.ismc2012.org The final scientific programme as well as the list of speakers is available on the dedicated webpages.


At ISMC Berlin, Sunset Sessions will be organised by the Industry Liaison Committee (ILC) and the Education and Training Committee (ETC) of EFMC. The ILC Session, “How the Industrial/Academic Interface is Changing Medicinal Chemistry”, will focus on the rapidly evolving medicinal chemistry interface between industry and academia and on how this is likely to impact on the discipline itself.

The session organised by the ETC is entitled “Productivity vs. Development of Independent and Creative Thinking During the PhD Period”. Finding the best ratio between research and training for a PhD student is not a simple task. Training activities need to be balanced to avoid losing focus on the own research project and to have the experiments done. Creativity needs to be put in practice by participating in formulating the research strategy and experimental design, and independence should be stimulated by providing a framework of autonomy and freedom to operate. However, on the down side, this can increase the risk of failure and competes with the pressure to produce results and publications. In the ETC Sunset Session all these aspects will be analysed and discussed by a panel of speakers at different stages of their academic careers.

Both sunset sessions will be followed by a discussion and a drink. More information is available on www.ismc2012.org


To acknowledge outstanding achievements in the field of Medicinal Chemistry , EFMC is conferring every two years three EFMC Awards: “the Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry”, “the UCB-Ehrlich Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry” and “the Prous Institute-Overton and Meyer Award for New Technologies in Drug Discovery”. Dr Uli Stilz, EFMC President and Chair of the Jury, proudly announces the names of the 2012 laureates.

Prof. Alexander Levitzki
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Winner of the 2012 Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry

Dr. Krzysztof Józwiak
Medical University of Lublin, Poland
Winner of the 2012 UCB-Erhlich Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Harren Jhoti,
Astex Pharmaceuticals, UK
Winner of the 2012 Prous Institute-Overton and Meyer Award for New Technologies in Drug Discovery

The three Awards will be conferred on the occasion of the XXIInd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (Berlin, Germany – September 2-6, 2012), where the award winners will present a plenary lecture.


The Selection Committees of the “EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry” and the “EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia” are very pleased to announce the names of the winners and the most meritorious runners-up.

EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Industry
Sharan Bagal, Pfizer, UK
Laure Bouchez, Novartis, Switzerland
Fabrizio Giordanetto, CVGI Innovative Medicines, Sweden

EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia
Stuart Conway, University of Oxford, UK
Chris De Graaf, Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, The Netherlands
Andrew Wilson, University of Leeds, UK

The prizes are established to acknowledge and recognize an outstanding young medicinal chemist (<35 years old) working in industry or in academia within Europe. The winners will be awarded at the XXIInd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC), where they will give a short presentation.


At the EFMC Council Meeting, which will take place on occasion of EFMC-ISMC 2012, the council will elect 4 positions for the Executive Committee. The positions to be elected are secretary, treasurer, and two additional members. The terms for all the elected EC-members will start on Jan 1st, 2013 and last for two years.


The EFMC Council will also decide on the organizers of the 2016 edition of the International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry. EFMC is the initiator and sponsor of this series of symposia, each of which is organized in a European city in collaboration with one or more EFMC National Adhering Organization(s). ISMC 2014 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.


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Gabriele Costantino
Univ. of Parma, IT

Editorial Committee

Erden Banoglu
Gazi Univ., TR

Lucija Peterlin Masic
Univ. of Ljubljana, SLO

Leonardo Scapozza
Univ. of Geneve, CH

Wolfgang Sippl
Univ. Halle-Wittenberg, DE

Sarah Skerratt
Pfizer, Sandwich, UK

Executive Committee

Uli Stilz President
Gerhard F. Ecker Past Pres.
Koen Augustyns Secretary
Rasmus P. Clausen Treasurer
Hein Coolen Member
Gabriele Costantino Member
Phil Jones Member

For more information please contact info@efmc.info