Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is an EFMC consulting body for the executive committee assisting in assessing the Federation's strategic goals. The tasks of the AB consists of:

  • advising on EFMC policy related matters internally and externally
  • proposing novel scientific or political initiatives to the Executive Committee
  • proposing strategies how to increase awareness of Medicinal Chemistry and support of the community in Europe
  • proposing strategies how to affect and interact with stakeholders in Europe

The AB is composed of eminent scientists in the life sciences and medicinal chemistry and is chaired by the past president. The EFMC is thankful to all of them for their dedication and valuable contribution.


  • Rui MOREIRA (University of Lisbon, Portugal) - Chair 
  • Maria Laura BOLOGNESI (University of Bologna, Italy)
  • Ingo HARTUNG (Merck, Germany) 
  • Malin LEMURELL (AstraZeneca, Sweden)
  • Hermen OVERKLEEFT (Leiden University, The Netherlands) 
  • Herbert WALDMANN (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Germany)

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