EFMC-YSN Publishing Academy
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What is the EFMC-YSN Publishing Academy?

The publishing academy is an intensive workshop covering topics on writing, publishing, and general communication that will be helpful for early-career researchers. The academy will be hosted and coordinated by the EFMC’s Young Scientists Network with workshops run by professional editors from Chemistry Europe / Wiley-VCH. 

The academy will run at least two workshops annually; with 15 participants preselected for each event. Depending on the demand, special requests by EFMC National Adhering Organisations (NAOs), and availability of trainers, more sessions could be added within a year. 

The workshops are virtual in format, but in-person versions could be organised, if associated with an in-person EFMC event. 


DAY 1: Seminars & Interactive Workshop (Full Day)

  • Editorial Blackbox: The publishing process explained; Tips for submitting manuscripts
  • Scientific Writing: Practical tips for writing, covering grammar and writing pitfalls
  • An Ideal Manuscript: Optimizing sections of a peer-reviewed manuscript
  • Optimizing Titles and Abstracts: workshopping actual samples; participants will be asked to edit their titles/abstracts overnight as an assignment. We could also look at some figures
  • Communicating Your Science: Tips for poster and oral presentations

DAY 2: Individual feedback

  • Each participant will have a one-on-one session with an editor who will comment on their manuscript and their edited titles and abstracts.
Elligibility Criteria
The workshop is open to all members of the EFMC-YSN but restricted to applicants having the draft of a journal manuscript ready upon submission of the application. The draft does not need to be complete or even close to its final form, but should have the following at minimum:
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction and references
  • Some results/discussion covering at least one figure
  • Conclusion section (can be predictions or placeholder “ideal” conclusions)
The draft can also be a complete manuscript that has been submitted for evaluation (as long as confidentiality requirements of the journal allow this), as long as it remains unpublished at the time of application. One can also use published work (max four months old), but will only be considered after other applicants have been considered. All participants must also allow their title and abstract to be shared among the speakers and participants for the session.
Finally, EFMC/YSN/Chemistry Europe are not limiting the authors on where they can eventually submit their manuscript. Draft manuscripts are welcome, even if they are being planned for a non-Wiley journal.
To allow for a more interactive and personalised workshop, each event can only have 15 participants maximum. Selection is by first-come, first-served policy. However, priority will be placed on the following: final-year/graduating PhD students; students writing their first first-author publication; postdocs; previous applicants.
Application Process

Application can be done via the ONLINE FORM. 
The second Seminar & Interactive Workshop will take place on November 14, 2023
  • AM session - 9:30-12nn
  • PM session - 15:00-18:00
Application deadline
Registration & Manuscript deadline is November 7, 2023.

More information and questions: ysn@efmc.info