Phenotypic Drug Discovery

Recent years have seen a renaissance of Phenotypic drug discovery (PPD) with novel screening technologies and a track record that is thought to match or surpass that of target-centric approaches. We present a view on best practices to consider when running phenotypic drug discovery campaigns to increase the chance of success of these black box approachs.

Please cite the EFMC Best Practices in Medicinal Chemistry WG work as following (please include both):

  1. J. Quancard, A. Bach, B. Cox, R. Craft, D. Finsinger, S. M. Guéret, I. V. Hartung, S. Laufer, J. Messinger, G. Sbardella, H. F. Koolman, ChemMedChem 2021, 16, 1737.;
  2. The material (webinars, slide decks and case studies) is freely accessible for personal use or for use in further training or teaching material from the EFMC website