As of April 5, 2022, the European Federation for Medicianl chemistry and Chemical biology is proud to have entered a partnership agreement with ChemMedChem and ChemBioChem, to become official EFMC journals. 


Bringing chemistry, biology, and drug discovery together fosters innovation and collaboration and accelerates science. ChemMedChem publishes high-impact articles showcasing the breadth of international research in medicinal chemistry, from small pharmacologically active molecules to new modalities including nanomedicine and biologics. Our thorough editorial practices enable us to rapidly publish authoritative research. We support the community to inspire the extended drug discovery community.


Bridging the gap between scientific specialisms creates a unique community that recognizes and celebrates connected science. ChemBioChem showcases vital ground-breaking science combining chemistry and biology across the world. Our thorough editorial practices support us in disseminating authoritative studies in chemical biology, bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, synthetic biology, biocatalysis, bionanotechnology, and biomaterials. We support collaborations throughout connected science.

Chemistry Europe 

Founded in 1995, Chemistry Europe is an association of 16 chemical societies from 15 European countries, representing over 75,000 chemists. It publishes a family of high-quality scholarly chemistry journals, covering a very broad range of disciplines. Wiley-VCH is their publisher.

The mission of Chemistry Europe is to evaluate, publish, disseminate, and amplify the scientific excellence of chemistry researchers from around the globe in high-quality publications. It supports its members at every stage of their careers as they strive to solve the challenges that impact humankind. In all its work, Chemistry Europe values integrity, openness, diversity, cooperation, and freedom of thought.

MedChemBioWatch is the newsletter of EFMC, launched in 2008. Since January 2015, MedChemWatch continued serving our community in a different format, more tailored on the growing needs of rapid and short communication. The newsletter is delivered monthly, in a shorter format, with essential information on the activity of the EC/EFMC, news from the National Adhering Organisations, announcement of meetings and schools.

As of June 2021, the newsletter changed its name to MedChemBioWatch, to support our aim to increase the visibility of chemical biology within EFMC and to make all researchers feel fully included and well represented.

The EFMC Yearbook “Medicinal Chemistry in Europe” is published yearly by EFMC since 2005 to give an overview of medicinal chemistry in Europe in general.