EFMC-YSN Mentoring Programme

In order to inspireconnect and provide opportunities to medicinal chemists and chemical biologists in their Early Career, the Young Scientist Network of the EFMC is hosting a mentoring programme to connect motivated students with high-profile mentors.

The mentoring programme is shaped for PhDs (up to 18 months before the end PhD) and Post-docs, who are seeking a career in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology or related fields, either in industry or academia. The main objective is to support their transition into the job market by providing return of experience, soft-skill training and overall guidance. 

Please note that the number of mentees is limited. Selection will be based on the candidate's motivation. 

The 2022 edition of the mentoring programme will run from March 2022 until March 2023.

  • Call for applications for both mentees and mentors will open in January 2022!

EFMC-YSN 2021 Mentoring Programme

With around 35 mentors and 40 mentees, the first edition started off as a real success. Mentors were asked to provide career advices as well as soft-skills trainings, with the ultimate goal being to broaden the perspectives of the mentees and better prepare them to enter the job market.

While the desired career path was the main pairing criteria, the committee aimed at promoting diversity when matching the profiles. 

At the end of the programme, mentees were invited to write a short testimonial of their experience

  • “The EFMC mentoring programme helped me to refine my career plans and to dive into the world of the pharmaceutical industry. I built a relationship with my mentor that will last beyond the mentoring programme, and I was able to get tremendous insights into relevant soft skills and train for future interviews and positions.”

  • "The Mentoring Programme was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to be paired with an expert in the field that could guide me during the first year of my postdoc. He could always answer my doubts about a career in Academia and supervise the steps I accomplished during my career development this year. During this year, which I consider one of the most delicate for the PhD-postdoc transition, I felt that I could count on an external voice that would increase the success rate of my career choices and give me the confidence to keep up with the work."

  • "Owing to this program, I benefited from the expertise and the advice of someone who was ready to spend a lot of time for answering my queries, dispelling my doubts, for example. It really was an invaluable opportunity, and I am truly happy to have had this chance."

  • "This mentoring programme is a unique opportunity to meet high level scientist inside the industry who would support and advice for your future career inside the pharmaceutical industry."

  • Even though I did not reach my original goal, that was an interesting experience anyway. I will for sure recommend it to other people since such a program is a good chance to know more experienced people. Even if the mentor-mentee match is not always perfect, there is always a possibility to learn something new."

  • "This experience has been beneficial in my effort to understand and apprehend my future in research whether it be industrial or academic. The mentor was very available and always provided me with quick and efficient responses. I would also like to keep this mentor in my contacts for the future, which I think will be very good. The only drawback was the time I could not put into this in relation to the exchanges with my mentor. This is disappointing considering the end of my thesis but I couldn't do otherwise. I would like to thank the EFMC for offering me this experience and I hope to be able to repeat it but at the level of a young researcher whose objectives will be more defined and whose availability will be much more present."