EFMC-YSN Mentoring Programme

In order to inspireconnect and provide opportunities to medicinal chemists and chemical biologists in their Early Career, the Young Scientist Network of the EFMC decided to launch a mentoring programme that will connect motivated students with high-profile mentors.

The mentoring programme is shaped for PhDs (up to 18 months before the end PhD) and Post-docs, who are seeking a career in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology or related fields, either in industry or academia.

Please note that the number of mentees is limited and all applications will be reviewed. Selection will be based on the candidate's motivation and scientific profile.

How to apply?

We invite you to fill the online application form and provide us with the following information.

  • Profile, area of interest and planned career path
  • What do you expect from the mentoring?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What motivate you to apply?
  • Which soft skills do want to learn?
  • CV (3 pages maximum)
  • List of Publications
  • (Planned) Year of ending your PhD

What can you expect?

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation link with individual access code. Keep them with you as they will be required to access your personal area where you will upload the necessary documents.

After the deadline, all the applications will be thoroughly reviewed, and you will be notified of the decision.

For those who will be selected, an informal agreement will be signed, and you will be informed of the name of your mentors. A first meeting will be organized in the following weeks, in order for the pair to define together their expectations. The mentorship will be limited to advising and soft-skills training. No scientific consultancy is expected.

Additional 1 to 1 meeting will be scheduled approximately every 3 months throughout the rest of the year.

At the end of the year, mentees will be asked to write a short report on what they have learnt and how this experience was beneficial to them.

List of Mentors

For privacy reasons, we cannot display the names of the mentors who are part of the programme but we are proud to announce that more than 30 mentors, coming from all over Europe and with profiles covering a broad scope of research fields in both industry and academia, have accepted to be part of this initiative.

Mentors will be paired with mentees based on the desired career path of the applicant, considering the geographic specifications of each situation, especially for an academic career.