Joint YSN-YMCC Grant to attend ACSMEDI|EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers

To support the participation of young researchers to attend transatlantic conferences and offer them the opportunity to broaden their network outside the national-regional scope, the EFMC Young Scientists Network (YSN) and the ACSMEDI Young Medicinal Chemists Committee (YMCC) decided to fund a joint grant.

Up to two grants of 1500€ covering economy flight and up to 3-nights accommodation will be awarded to facilitate attendance to ACSMEDI|EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers. The prizes will be allocated to European researchers when the conference takes place in the United States, and to American researchers when the conference takes place in Europe. In addition, the awardees will be garanteed a poster presentation, and will be offered the opportunity to apply for an oral communication. 

The upcoming edition of the ACSMEDI|EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers will take place in Boston, United States on June 10-13, 2023

Who can apply? 

  • PhD students (up to 12 months before the end of PhD and up to two years after PhD) in medicinal chemistry or chemical biology. 
  • Applicants should be European residents, having received or being currently enrolled in a PhD from a European university.
  • Applicants should be registered members of one of the EFMC National Adhering Organisation.

Review Criteria 

  • CV
  • A cover letter about the importance to get this grant in their research/career
  • Abstract of the oral communication/poster presentation to be presented at the ACSMEDI|EFMC Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers
  • List of publications

How to apply?

Deadline for submission: February 15, 2023.

The winner(s) will be announced during the month of March.