EFMC Chemical Biology Initiative

EFMC aims to advance science in the field of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, while representing all members of this extended scientific community.

To this effect, EFMC has established contacts with several other learned societies. For medicinal chemistry, it has close links with the American Chemical Society and the Asian Federation of Medicinal Chemistry, as well as with the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. For chemical biology, EFMC has a collaboration agreement with the International Chemical Biology Society (ICBS). As part of this active relationship, ICBS and EFMC mutually exchange sessions at their annual meetings. EFMC has a similar interaction with the Life Science division of EuChemS, including the active participation of EFMC in the European Chemical Biology Symposium.

Events independently organized by EFMC include both medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, for instance as dedicated parallel sessions in the program of the International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC).

The signature in 2019 of an agreement with the Swiss Chemical Society was another important milestone in further balancing the weight of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology in EFMC’s activities. Starting in 2023, both societies with co-organize the International Symposium in Chemical Biology (ISCB), a high-quality event that until now took place in Geneva, Switzerland. We are happy to confirm that both ICBS and LS-EuChemS have already accepted to participate in the first edition of this enhanced version of ISCB, adding their own weight to an exciting scientific program. Future ISCBs will take place every second year, alternating with the EFMC-ISMC.

Over the last two years, EFMC developed a long-term vision for its role in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, and implemented a strong strategy to reinforce the support of the community it represents. This has led to changes in the scope of EFMC activities, now better uniting the chemical biology and medicinal chemistry community, and following the evolution of this scientific discipline.

Editorials and viewpoints

The Chemical Biology-Medicinal Chemistry Continuum: EFMC′s Vision
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EFMC: Trends in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
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  • Maria DUCA, University of Côte d’Azur, France (Chair) 
  • Yves AUBERSON, Novartis, Switzerland 
  • Paola ARIMONDO, Institut Pasteur, France
  • Sebastian ESSIG, Bayer, Germany
  • Dennis GILLINGHAM, University of Basel, Switzerland 
  • Uwe GRETHER, Roche, Switzerland
  • Christian Adam OLSEN, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Arne RUFER, Roche, Switzerland
  • Gianluca SBARDELLA, University of Salerno, Italy 
  • Ulrich SCHOPFER, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Mario VAN DER STELT, University of Leiden, The Netherlands 
  • Boris VAUZEILLES, Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (ICSN), France 
  • Olalla VAZQUEZ, Marburg University, Germany
  • Andrew ZHANG, AstraZeneca, United States