September 4-8, 2022Nice, France

The EFMC is the main organisation for the European Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology community, with 29 member societies and about 7.500 members. Its biennial EFMC-ISMC is a key symposium in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and it traditionally attracts around 1.000 participants both from industry and academia. The most recent EFMC-ISMC meeting took place in Slovenia (Ljubljana, 2018), while the edition initially planned for Basel, Switzerland in 2020 has been run as a Virtual Event in 2021.

The 2022 programme will cover advances in drug discovery in major therapeutic areas, including bacterial and viral infections, with a particular attention to current and emerging viral pandemics, but also neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, rare diseases and cancer. EFMC-ISMC 2022 will also feature most recent advances in new technologies such as the exploitation of RNA as drug target, artificial intelligence in drug discovery, natural products-based drug discovery, DNA encoded libraries applications and the development of covalent drugs, PROTACs and molecular glues. Innovative approaches in medicinal chemistry will be included such as the development of immunomodulating compounds or the application of affinity selection – mass spectrometry for drug discovery. In a series of dedicated sessions, the interface between chemical biology and drug discovery will be highlighted, including topics such as in vivo chemistry for target discovery and validation, molecular imaging, and photochemical approaches. Finally, particular emphasis will again be put on first time disclosures and recent highlights in medicinal chemistry.


Calendar of Abstract Submissions

  • Deadline for Oral Communication submission and free Poster submission: March 24, 20212, 24:00 CET
  • Announcement of the accepted oral communications: mid May 2022
  • After March 24 and until June 23, 2022, abstracts for Posters can still be submitted, but with a handling fee of 50,00€

Registration Fees

  • Early-bird registration deadline: March 24, 2022
    Payment of the Early-bird fee is required by April 8, 2022 in order to remain applicable.
  • Standard registration deadline: July 5, 2022
  • Late registration deadline: September 4, 2022
Organised by:
  • Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT) (France)
  • European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC)

September 1-5, 2024Rome, Italy
Organised by:
  • Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (Divisione di Chimica Farmaceutica - Società Chimica Italiana, DCF-SCI) (Italy)
  • European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC)

Rules for Organizers of International Symposia on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC)

The rules for the organization of an Interantional Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry are explained in point D. of the by-laws