EFMC Sponsored Events are scientific events or post-graduate educational activities related to Medicinal Chemistry or Chemical Biology organised by EFMC national adhering organisations*, EFMC partner organisations, non-for-profit associations or scientific committees.

Applications for sponsorship should be done by sending the below form to the EFMC Administrative Secretariat (administration@efmc.info), at least three months prior to the event for both physical and online events. In case of smaller online events, we will accept requests up to a month prior to the event.
Sponsorship applications will be considered by the EFMC Executive Committee before approval. Sponsorship will not be granted to events overlapping with EFMC organised events.

*EFMC national adhering organisations are granted EFMC sponsorships at no costs, provided the event fulfills the requirements.

October 5-8, 2021Volgograd, Russia

The Organizing Committee of the MedChem-Russia 2021 conference heartily invites academic and university researchers, foreign scientists, representatives of the pharmaceutical business and medicine, undergraduate students and Ph.D. students to attend the 5th Russian Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, which will be held on October 5-8, 2021 in Volgograd. 

The scientific program of the MedChem-Russia 2021 conference will include plenary lectures, oral presentations and poster presentations. The conference will include sections on computational chemistry, new approaches in medicinal chemistry, target-oriented drug design, domestic anti-infectious drugs, including COVID-19 infection, as well as drug substance production, development of dosage forms and drug manufacturing. As part of the conference, a satellite youth symposium will be held. Six opening lectures by leading specialists will be followed by oral presentations by young scientists, two poster sessions, as well as round tables on educational programs in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry fields to discuss ways to accelerate the implementation of innovative developments into practice. In addition to the scientific program, business events are scheduled to foster networking. The organizers consider making this international forum interesting for both scientists and industry representatives working in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug development as their main focus. 


  • May 1, 2021 – deadline for early registration and payment of the early registration fee
  • June 2, 2021 – deadline for abstract submission
  • June 5, 2021 – notification of acceptance of abstracts
More information and registration here.

For more information please contact: medchemvolga21@gmail.com

Organised by:
  • The D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, Medicinal Chemistry Section (Russia)

October 20-22, 2021Albacete, Spain

The Spanish Medicinal Chemistry Society (Sociedad Española de Química Terapéutica, SEQT) has the great pleasure of organizing the XIII Workshop of SEQT to be held in Albacete, Spain, from October 20 to 22, 2021.

The XIII Workshop of SEQT is being built under two themes: Light in Therapies and New Perspectives in Therapies and Drug Searching, focusing on the central role of chemistry at the interfaces with biology, biochemistry and medicine sciences.

An exciting scientific program led by experts will drive us through the latest discoveries around these main scientific topics:

  • Drug delivery with light
  • Photosensitizers and Photodynamic therapies
  • Photoswitches
  • Photopharmacology
  • Theragnostic Photodynamic agents
  • Cellular Therapies CARTs
  • Gene Therapies and CRISPS
  • Proteolysis Targeting Chimera (PROTAC)
  • Artificial Intelligent and Big Data

All of them reached very high scientific levels, giving to all the participants the opportunity of listening to speakers presenting state of the art advances and to discuss openly with the medicinal chemistry community.

For more inforation contact: info@seqt2021.com

Organised by:
  • Sociedad Española de Química Terapéutica (Spain)

November 19, 2021Liege, Belgium

The Medicinal Chemistry Divisions of the two Belgian Chemical Societies, the Société Royale de Chimie (SRC) and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV), are organising every year an international one-day symposium with the aim to update participants on selected areas of pharmaceutical research by specialists in their respective field.

MedChem 2020 will be held on Friday November 19, 2021, in Liège. The programme of the day will include 12 invited lectures and a poster session.

This year, the symposium will celebrate the 50th birthday of the Medicinal Chemistry division of the SRC and of the precursor association of today’s Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry division of the KVCV. On that special occasion, 12 speakers from 8 Belgian academic groups and 4 Belgian industries will provide an overview of cutting-edge research activities carried out in the country.  Through high quality talks and a variety of innovative themes, the symposium will highlight the current vibrancy of Belgian medicinal chemistry and its bright future. 

Check the list of confirmed speakers!

Organised by:
  • Société Royale de Chimie (SRC), Medicinal Chemistry Division (Belgium)
  • Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry Division of Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV) (Belgium)

January 23-26, 2022Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The Spanish Society of Medicinal Chemistry (SEQT), member of the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC), is organizing its XX National Meeting “From Early Discovery to Translational Medicinal Chemistry” to be held on January 23-26th 2022 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to personally invite you to participate in the meeting, which will provide a forum for scientific discussions and a great opportunity to highlight the advances of our research.

The scientific program will include plenary and keynote lectures, oral communications, flash poster presentations and poster sessions, covering hot topics in drug discovery with a focus on translational medicinal chemistry.


  • Translational Medicinal Chemistry: Beyond Preliminary Optimization in Drug Discovery
  • New Horizons in GPCR-Targeted Medicinal Chemistry
  • Small Molecule Immunomodulators in Cancer
  • Covalent Drugs & Allosteric Modulators
  • Targeted Protein Degradation
  • Expanding the Medicinal Chemistry Synthetic Toolbox
  • Fluorescent-Based Tools and Screening Methods
  • Target Binding Kinetics


  • 15th OCTOBER 2021: Abstract submission to be considered for oral communications.
  • 15th NOVEMBER 2021: Abstract submission to be considered for posters and flash presentations.


Organised by:
  • Sociedad Española de Química Terapéutica (Spain)

January 30-February 3, 2022St. Anton, Austria

The “Alpine Winter Conference on Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry” exposes attending scientists to cutting edge synthetic and medicinal chemistry as well as latest developments in technologies that foster innovation in drug discovery. The main target audience for this highly interdisciplinary meeting will include medicinal and synthetic chemists, as well as related drug discovery disciplines from both industry and academia as well as graduate/undergraduate students and postdocs.

In the spirit of Keystone and Gordon conferences as well as the MBCF (Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry Foundation) conference in Steamboat Springs, the format of this meeting provides ample opportunity for attendees to informally interact. The aim is to strengthen existing networks and create new contacts.

For each of the below topics, a slot in the programme will be available for an oral communication selected out of the submitted abstracts. In addition, an open MedChem session on "Drug Discovery Tales" will have 5 open slots for oral communications.

The Conference topics will include:

  • Automation and Machine Learning Applications for Medicinal Chemistry
  • Covalent Targeting: Innovating for the Future
  • Drug Discovery Tales
  • Increasing sp3 Fragment Options: Advances in the Synthesis of Small Ring Systems
  • Methodologies to Understand Cellular Target Interaction
  • Targeting Unstructured Proteins
  • The "Catalytic Cycle" of Complex Molecule Synthesis and Methodology Development
  • Understanding PK and PK/PD relationships in drug discovery - Target Mediated Drug Disposition

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to listen to our three keynote lecturers:

  • Prof. Angela Koehler, MIT Koch Institute For Integrative Cancer Research, United States
  • Prof. Paul Knochel, Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany
  • Dr Wendy Young, Genentech, United States

The official symposium language is English.

Scientific Organising Committee
Dr Klemens HOEGENAUER (Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Basel, Switzerland)
Dr Karl Heinz KRAWINKLER (Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Basel, Switzerland)
Dr Antonia F. STEPAN (Roche, Basel, Switzerland)

We are looking forward to welcoming you in beautiful St. Anton!

February 16-18, 2022Rome, Italy

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 3rd Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium — Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade (MMCS2022), to be held in Rome, Italy, from 16 to 18 February 2022.

The conference is co-organized by the Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Drug Chemistry and Technology, and MDPI, the publisher of the open-access journal Molecules. The three-day MMCS2022 will be organized into a number of thematic sessions on the medicinal chemistry of particularly challenging diseases, novel and revisited drug discovery approaches, and medicinal chemistry stories about recently implemented projects in areas not covered in the other sessions—target and hit identification, hit-to-lead optimization, the tuning of physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties, preclinical and clinical development, etc.


  • S1. Molecules against drug resistant microorganisms and SARS-CoV-2
  • S2. Targeting Proteins for Degradation: PROTACS, PHOTACS, LYTACs, and molecular glues
  • S3. Machine Learning in Drug Design
  • S4. Natural Compounds in Drug Discovery
  • S5. Multitarget Drug Discovery
  • S6. Medicinal Chemistry Tales

In each session, two prominent and inspiring keynote speakers will share the program with a number of oral communications selected from among the contributions submitted by young researchers. The program will be complemented by poster presentations and social events.


  • Abstract Submission: October 20, 2021
  • Early Bird Registration: December 3, 2021
  • Late Registration: January 28, 2021 

More information on the website, or by contacting the conference secretariat. 

Conference Secretariat:

Ms. Jiahua Zhang
Dr. Ana Sanchis
Mr. Pablo Velázquez
Email: mmcs@mdpi.com

June 14-17, 2022Snekkersten, Denmark

Organised by the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector of the Royal Society of Chemistry, together with Nordic affiliates, the meeting promises to be an exciting and invigorating gathering packed with fantastic opportunities to disseminate knowledge and expand networks.

The scientific programme will feature themed lectures, focusing on medicinal chemistry and related new enabling technologies and disciplines across a range of drug targets and modalities. A distinguishing feature of this symposium is the collegiate style with the delegates staying at the premises which encourages an atmosphere of information sharing and learning.

Deadline for oral abstract submission is January 31, 2022

Deadline for poster abstract submission is May 4, 2022

For more information please contact: maggi@maggichurchouseevents.co.uk

Organised by:
  • The Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) (United Kingdom)