November 20, 2019Nottingham, United Kingdom

It has been over twenty years since Lipinski published his work determining the properties of drug molecules associated with good solubility and permeability. Since then, there have been a number of additions and expansions to these “rules”. There has also been keen interest in the application of these guidelines in the drug discovery process and how these apply to new emerging chemical structures such as macrocycles. 

This symposium will bring together researchers from a number of different areas of drug discovery and will provide a historical overview of the use of Lipinski’s rules, as well as looking to the future and how we use these rules in the changing drug compound landscape. 

Features of the Meeting

  • Historical look at the use of the Rule of Five
  • New parameters used in drug discovery
  • Look forward to the next 20 years
  • Panel discussions in each session
  • Plenary speakers, poster session, and drinks reception

For more information please contact: maggi@maggichurchouseevents.co.uk

November 22, 2019Brussels, Belgium

The Medicinal Chemistry Divisions of the two Belgian Chemical Societies, the Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV) and the Société Royale de Chimie (SRC), are organising every year an international one-day symposium with the aim to update participants on selected areas of pharmaceutical research by specialists in their respective field. 

MedChem 2019 will be held on Friday November 22, 2019, in Brussels. The programme of the day will include six invited lectures and three oral communications selected from submitted abstracts.

This year, the symposium will delve into the developments in the therapeutic use of peptides.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Prof. Fernando ALBERICIO (UNIVERSITY OF KWAZULU-NATAL, Durban , South Africa)
    Linkers for Peptide Conjugation
  • Prof. Christian F.W. BECKER (UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA, Wien, Austria)
    Synthetic Immune System Engagers – a Peptide-based Approach to Immune-oncology
  • Prof. Eric MARSAULT (UNIVERSITY OF SHERBROOKE, Sherbrooke, Canada)
    Macrocyclization as an Enabling Tool Toward Novel Peptide Drug Candidates
  • Prof. Kristian STROMGAARD (UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark) 
    Targeting Receptor Complexes: A New Dimension in Drug Discovery
    Gate2Brain, Opening the Gate to CNS Therapies

Deadline for abstract submission and early bird fee is October 10, 2019!

For more information please contact: secretariat@ldorganisation.com

Organised by:
  • Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry Division of Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV) (Belgium)
  • Société Royale de Chimie (SRC), Medicinal Chemistry Division (Belgium)