EFMC Certified Events are scientific events or post-graduate educational activities related to Medicinal Chemistry or Chemical Biology organised by commercial organisations.

Applications for certification should be done by sending the below form to the EFMC Administrative Secretariat (administration@efmc.info), at least three months prior to the event for both physical and online events. In case of smaller online events, we will accept requests up to a month prior to the event.

Certifications applications will be considered by the EFMC Executive Committee before approval.

May 20, 2021Online Event

The past five years or so has witnessed a revolution in what in-silico methods can offer in pharmaceutical and life sciences research. Massive advances in available computational power enable us to look at previously hard to simulate properties such as realistic solvation and macromolecular dynamics. Modern computational chemistry gives us unprecedented insights into the factors governing molecular potency, selectivity, solubility and other structure-property relationships, allowing us precision design of new molecular entities.

Capitalizing on these insights requires modelling to be fully integrated with the traditional pillars of drug design: biology and chemistry. This has to go beyond just collating data from various departments into one place. What is required is a collaborative design platform, including prospective modelling, where all domain experts can explore the data and work together to achieve the project’s goals.

Join us on May 20 for a 3h15 assorted programme, where Scientists from the Molecular Design Industry will share a birds-eye view of how modern computational approaches are being used to solve challenging compound design problems and leverage collective ideation. The focus will be on how modelling has helped change the decision-making process and has become more interpretable, accurate and impactful.

We will discuss a number of  small molecule design case studies, in the context of the Schrodinger Modelling Platform, and invited speakers will illustrate how combining  Schrödinger technology with their in-house expertise to attain project goals faster.

More information: eu_webinar@schrodinger.com