July 1-5, 2024Pivot Park Oss, The Netherlands

During this course you will learn about the most important aspects of the preclinical stages of modern drug discovery, some of these subject contain:

  • Principles and challenges of drug discovery
  • Different phases of drug discovery
  • Conventional and novel therapeutic modalities
  • Target identification and validation
  • Assay development and hit finding through high-throughput screening
  • Importance of hit triaging and validation of target engagement
  • Medicinal chemistry and hit & lead optimization
  • ADMET, animal PoC
  • Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls 
  • Regulatory affairs 
  • IP generation and 
  • Clinical studies

The course will be organized jointly by Radboud University (Nijmegen), Pivot Park Life Science campus (Oss) and HAN University of Applied Sciences (Nijmegen). The content of the lectures is designed by academic and industry experts in the field of early drug discovery and the course is a combination of lectures, seminars, group assignments and visits to companies active in pharmaceutical R&D located on Pivot Park Life Science Campus.


  • Prof. F.P.J.T. Rutjes
  • Dr. P. Hermkens
  • Dr. J. Rasmussen-Dietvorst

After successful completion of this course you will understand how drugs are discovered and developed, the different phases, in general terms, of drugs discovery, the basic principles of medicinal chemistry, and the importance of factors for a molecule to become a drug.

Please be aware that this course takes place in Pivot Park Oss. Pivot Park Oss is Europe's leading biopharmaceutical campus situated in the city Oss. Oss is a conveniently accessible city, reachable by car and also by a 20-minute train ride from Nijmegen Central Station. The Oss station is just a 5-minute walk from the Pivot Park campus. You are free to join the social activities with the other Summer School participants, but be aware of your extra travel time. 

September 18-20, 2024Rimini, Italy

The SSPA is an International School that caters to PhD students, young researchers, and professionals from research institutes and private companies. The focus of the upcoming event is “New therapeutic approaches, new analytical challenges: peptide- and protein-based drugs”.

Here is the list of SSPA2024 main topics:

  • Current status and perspectives of biological/biotechnological drugs
  • Analytical challenges for emerging biotechnological drugs with increasing complexity
  • Cleaning Verification
  • GMP characterization of peptides, proteins, and antibodies
  • Analytical approaches for glycosylation profiling
  • Stability studies
  • Multi-Attribute Methods (MAMs)
  • LBA method development and validation
  • Analysis of antibodies in biological matrices
  • Bioanalysis of antibody-drug conjugates
  • Analytical method for the evaluation of immunogenicity
  • Case studies

Fourteen renowned experts from the industrial and academic sectors will deliver lectures on specific topics.

The School's social activities are planned to promote networking and interaction between participants and lecturers. Due to this, the number of participants in attendance is limited to 80 to maximize these aspects.

Join us in Rimini and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge of advanced pharmaceutical analysis, approaches, and challenges.


Marina Naldi