June 30 - July 4, 2024Urbino, Italy

The mission of the ESMEC is to provide participants, PhD students and junior researchers from both academia and industry, with the most recent advances in the field of medicinal and organic chemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology and analytical/ structural chemistry. This idea is aimed to reflect the current scenario of medicinal chemistry being a truly transdisciplinary approach, where the advances in knowledge are driven by the medicinal chemist’s ability to translate into new molecular concepts and into novel molecular entities the amount of information created by molecular medicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, systems biology.

For these reasons, the School is directed to participants at a graduated and post-graduated level, in chemistry but also in pharmacology or biology, who are keen to explore the interdisciplinary context of current cutting-edge research in medicinal chemistry.

To achieve these very ambitious goals, the School is organized into thematic sessions, each of them constructed around a series of lectures, followed by practical workshops.

This Year the Scientific Programme includes the following topics:

  • Make it Unbreakable! Covalent Approach in Drug Discovery
  • Click-and-Tag: How Bioorthogonal Chemistry is Transforming Drug Discovery
  • Unusual Elements and Functional Groups Shaping the Future of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Market Watch: New Drug Approval in 2023 and Synthetic Strategies