Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (Divisione di Chimica Farmaceutica - Società Chimica Italiana, DCF-SCI)

Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (Divisione di Chimica Farmaceutica - Società Chimica Italiana, DCF-SCI)


  • To improve Medicinal Chemistry in academia and industry by promoting contacts and collaboration between researchers working in this and related fields with the aim to propose and develop projects to advance Medicinal Chemistry
  • To organise National and International Meetings, interdisciplinary Symposia and advanced schools to spread knowledge in drug development
  • To distribute awards and grants that encourage junior scientists to pursue research in Medicinal Chemistry
  • To cooperate with similar associations in the country and abroad.





Member profile

Trade and Industry: 13%
Research Institute: 5.5%
University: 81%
Other: 0.5%

Postal address

University of Bologna
Via Belmeloro, 6
40126 Bologna Italy

Phone number

+39 051 2099718



The DCF organizes scientific events such as the annual National Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (NMMC, since 1979), the Young Medicinal Chemists Symposium “Nuove Prospettive in Chimica Farmaceutica” (NPCF, since 2006) and, every third year, the Medicinal Chemistry session of the SCI national meeting. Every second year, the DCF co-organizes the well-established Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry together with eight other middle European EFMC NAOs. During summer time, it also organizes the European School of Medicinal Chemistry (ESMEC), the only EFMC accredited school, and the EFMC sponsored Summer School on Pharmaceutical Analysis (SSPA). The DCF fosters and supports the participation of young researchers to meetings and other educational events by providing symposium grants to students or early stage researchers, selected on a competitive basis. The DCF administers three prizes (Giordano Giacomello medal, Piero Pratesi medal, Luigi Musajo medal), awarded to scientists who gave an outstanding contribution to the development of Medicinal Chemistry. Other DCF prizes are awarded to young scientists to acknowledge major scientific achievements in the field of Medicinal Chemistry in both academia and industry, as well as to the best Italian Ph.D. thesis in the field.

  • XXVIII EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC 2024)
    (September 1-5, 2024), Rome, Italy


Prof. BOLOGNESI Maria Laura (University of Bologna )

Past President

Prof. SBARDELLA Gianluca (University of Salerno)




Prof. CECCHETTI Violetta (University of Perugia)


Prof. BOLOGNESI Maria Laura (University of Bologna )