Lithuanian Chemical Society


Lithuanian Chemical Society aims to promote interest in chemistry as a science, present chemistry to the public, stimulate education of this science, develop relations with scientists from other countries. Lithuanian Chemical Society unites Lithuanian chemists from different scientific areas and contains several scientific thematic groups. Lithuanian Medicinal Chemistry community is one of these thematic groups. The mission of the Lithuanian community of Medicinal Chemistry is to unite scientists, students, and businesses in this area and promote collaborations among Lithuanian and European researchers. This group strives to enhance public engagement and teaching of natural sciences in schools and attract students to the area of medicinal chemistry, strengthen collaborations between academia and life sciences industry.


Lithuanian Chemical Society was re-established in 2017, thematic group of Medicinal Chemistry was established in 2023.01.25.


110. 37 in Medicinal Chemistry thematic Group

Member profile

3% Industry 78 % Academics 19 % Students

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Sauletekio av. 7
LT-10257 Vilnius Lithuania

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Promotion of chemistry and medicinal chemistry at schools, organization of lectures, webinars, and discussions, support of the education in chemistry and medicinal chemistry.


Prof. RAMANAVIČIENĖ Almira (Vilnius University)


Dr DUDUTIENE Virginija (Vilnius University)